About Us

Horton Media was established in 1997 by one of the families that founded New Zealand’s largest daily newspaper, the New Zealand Herald.

Today Horton Media is Australasia’s largest independent cold-set web printer with modern plants in Auckland, New Zealand, and Queensland, Australia.

The company caters primarily to independent publishers of high-frequency news publications – a segment that has grown rapidly with the increasing size and diversity of its main markets.

Horton Media Ltd’s focus on quality and environmental stewardship has given it clear leadership of its industry segment with 21 Pride in Print citations in New Zealand and two second-placings at the Australasian Single Width Users Group conference.

The company is privately held and managed by Matthew Horton. Independent directors Geoff Cope and Dale Smith represent Horton Media’s experienced Board and both the New Zealand and Australian operations are managed and operated by some of the most experienced personnel in the print industry.

Our reputation for service and quality has allowed Horton Media to continue to partner with some of New Zealand and Australia’s most successful independent publishers.