Our standard paper sizes, listed below, represent the most efficient
sizes for our presses:

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Broadsheet Tabloid Quarter-fold Digest
  • Standard Broadsheet
    425mm x 578mm
    400mm x 578mm
    380mm x 578mm
    315mm x 578mm
  • Standard Tabloid
    425mm x 289mm
    400mm x 289mm
    380mm x 289mm
    315mm x 289mm
    Tabloid papers
  • Quarterfold Publications270mm x 200mm (no bleed)
    270mm x 195mm
    260mm x 195mm
  • Digest Booklets205mm x 135mm
    200mm x 130mm

Artwork Specs

Horton Media prefers pre-press files to be submitted as Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF) files. For optimum reproduction, please take note of the following PDF specifications:

  • 1) Composite (non-separated) files are preferred.
  • 2) Images within the PDF should be a minimum of 200dpi (dots per square inch) and not more than 450dpi.
  • 3) All images should be CMYK. RGB to CMYK conversion must be done with our settings for optimum quality of printed image.
  • 4) All colours defined within the document should be process CMYK, including Pantone colours.
  • 5) All pages should conform to our recommended page sizes.
  • 6) PDF file names should clearly reflect the page numbers of pages that the publication contains. Pages should also be numbered so they list in the correct order. This protocol is necessary to reduce pagination errors.
For example:

a) Pg001-iss042-hml.pdf
b) Pg002-006-iss042-hml.pdf
c) Pg007-104-iss042-hml.pdf

Horton Media can supply Distiller “Job options” on request. These are the job options files for Acrobat Distiller v4 & 5 on both
Apple and Windows platforms.

Files can be accepted from Apple or Windows platforms on CD, Zip or Jazz.
FTP accounts can be arranged on request for our FTP site.